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Flip Damon

Solo Artist/Singer/Songwriter

A morning reflection about a recent song I wrote.  It reminds me of the beach and sunshine.


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Artist BIO-The story behind the Man!

The Artist

Flip Damon was born, P.W. Aitcheson in the USA in 1951, and was raised and educated in Maryland.

He is the former drummer from the seventies rock band, "Horn, Wood, and Silver" who played the DC party circuit and at other local events from the late sixties to the early seventies.  After the group disbanded, the lead guitarist J. R. Matthews and Damon teamed up to write songs and run a recording studio.  Over the years, their studio interests changed, and Damon left the area to play and record in California.  His favorite gig was a party for the great skydiver, Dar Robinson, and later he recorded in Ontario, CA. 

After joining a marketing business for Cable Television, he worked, and traveled around the country developing his interests in direct sales and business management.   He never forgot the music, and played every chance that came his way.  Today,  he is revered as a songwriter with real heart, and great insight.  To order CD's or downloads of Flip Damon's music, go to :